Just a little heresy smashing…


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  1. Well, who are you to be determining what heresy is? I was thinking back on this today because my knuckles are bleeding. Not from Dan Brown, of course.

  2. FYI: Heresy. (Gr. “new and personal belief or idea”). The denial or rejection of a revealed dogma or belief accepted and professed by the Church. An individual who begins a heresy is a heretic and is excommunicated.

    Maybe your knuckles are bleeding because you didn’t put your baby poweder on them today…

  3. What’s “baby poweder”? Is it a new pink billowy make-up you’ve found in your dollar stores? Does it smell like heresy?

  4. “Baby poweder” is a French term you should know that. I’m sure you received some baby poweder in the mail for your support of JFK.

  5. Why should I know the French terms? You’re the one who frequents the “we love Kerry” websites. I’ve seen the stickers. Why don’t you just “Choose the Blue”? Then me and my guns will come after you.

  6. I have no clue about what is going on in American politics. But your photos are nice.

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