Time for some rabble-rousing

I believe, gentlemen (used in the most egalitarian way), that it is time for a little more excitement on the blog. Since my photos do not encourage your blogging sensory mechanism I have decided to start posting incendiary remarks (my own and other celebrities of note). To start us off I will quote Fr. John Romanides:

“Believe or not, this illiterate barbarian [Charlemagne] had the gall to condemn the Romans [“Greeks” i.e. Orthodox] as heretics for refusing to accept his Filioque which he had added to the Roman Creed which had been composed at the Roman Second Ecumenical Council by some of the greatest Fathers of the Church in 381.”


One thought on “Time for some rabble-rousing

  1. Oooh! I love incendiary remark time! It’s almost as good as story time! I will have to think of some that are apropos of something or other.

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