Apropos to this endeavor…

“…he liked to present himself more as the executor of someone else’s idea than as being his own master, as a man ‘loyal without fawning'”

While this is used to describe General Epanchin in the Idiot I would like to think I have taken on a similar quality in my “Incendiary Remarks”.


9 thoughts on “Apropos to this endeavor…

  1. Except for one thing: you’re always fawning. Jacob Aleksander the uber-fawner (or fawnee, it doesn’t matter)

  2. All evangelicals are not heretics.
    You may insist on it with your weekend rabble rousing but we’ve got The Book chain free!

  3. Heresy as defined by whom? I happen to like the chains on The Book, although my Church doesn’t have any (physical chains, that is)–the chains keep me from falling into, here it is again, heresy.

  4. Thanks, Colonel for figuring out the chain reference- I was quite perplexed. I don’t know what “weekend rabble rousing” means though. Al could you clarify? You make it sound as if “The Book” were some magical orb- a ticket into heaven as it were.

  5. I don’t know what “weekend rabble rousing” means either, since, Jacob Aleksander, you seem to do rabble rousing much more often than just on the weekends. Besides, I don’t remember you using the word “heretic” on this site.

  6. I realized he may be refering to our ancient Christian methods of worship as “rabble rousing” (which as you know, we do on much more than just the weeknd). While many people refer to Orthodox worship as “dead” (which it is not) it most definitely isn’t “rabble rousing”-it is very orderly and refined to say the least.

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