…psychoanalytical knowledge of man, is unscrupulously employed in this business. … They [advertisements] are simply nonsensical, yet they are no simple nonsense but rather an extremely calculated and highly financed nonsense! What should make us stop and think is the ease with which we buy all this-buy it in both meanings of the word.

    Josef Pieper

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  1. Outstanding quote Jacov! I was just remarking to someone today that I cans’t stands commercials and advertising. The mere thought that every single commercial and advertisement begins with a group of people gathered around a board room table thinking “How can we sell this product?”, simply creeps me out. What I do like about modern commercials is the fact that they are often so obscure and veiled as to what product or company they are selling, that they are quite easy to forget! Somebody recently brought to my attention the fact that jingles are much less used nowadays than they used to be. But he also pointed out the numerous commercial jingles from thirty years ago that many people still remember. Speaking of which…588-2300…Empire!

  2. What I hate about these ads is the pseudo-reality they are presenting-come “out” and play, when all one is doing is staring at a little computer screen; “get up, get active”-a cartoon show?? The only active thing going on there is the moving of the spoon of cereal to the mouth. Come on people!

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