Unity- as one stand together…

Christian unity cannot be realized merely by determining what articles of faith or what creed should be regarded as constituting the basis of unity. In addition to subscribing to certain doctrines of faith, it is necessary to achieve the experience of a common tradition or communis sensus fidelium preserved through common worship within the historic framework of the Orthodox Church. There can be no true unanimity of faith unless that faith remains within the life and sacred tradition of the Church which is identical throughout the ages. It is in the experience of worship that we affirm the true faith, and conversely, it is in the recognition of a common faith that we secure the reality of worship in spirit and in truth.

    Oberlin Statement of Orthodox Churches

4 thoughts on “Unity- as one stand together…

  1. What does this mean for spreading Orthodoxy, then? Can it only be done by bringing singular persons into the faith?

    Of course the Church wouldn’t give up its tradition for the sake of ecumenism, but how does it incorporate those who don’t share the tradition?

    Just some initial thoughts.

  2. Quick response(don’t have much time):
    I think it’s a given that for a conversion to be true it is on the individual level. Although I’m not sure of specifics of when the Church has received large groups of people into the Faith… As far as tradition I think that there is an acquired tradition and piety for converts like ourselves-however we don’t bring our own little traditions into the Church.

    I will get back later on this…

  3. While pondering this subject I recalled something CS Lewis wrote which I will paraphrase: He made the analogy that one does not continue down the road one is on if it’s the wrong one, especially if it is 180 degrees from where one needs to go. I think this is especially pertinent in a lot of ways to entrance into the Orthodox Church. While there are hints and shadows of the Truth elsewhere the Orthodox Church is the only place where it is fully known (within the limitations of our human understanding)- where is the cure to the sickness of religion.

    I don’t know if that is exactly an reply but just some thoughts…

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