The ubiquitous segue: So…

The other night two friends and I (they’ve requested to remain annonymous [ok, so they haven’t but it’s more exciting to say they have-I’m just playing the Fyodor]) were sitting in Starbucks cafe in Barnes and Noble where we were enjoying fine (ha!) coffee and fine (truly) conversation. All of a sudden we were confronted by a gruff and unintelligible voice which to my amazement came from a solicitor standing right next to me. (This takes place inside Barnes and Noble mind you [security was obviously slacking off.]) Although I couldn’t understand the man I knew exactly what he wanted- the ubiquitous “change”. While my lack of change (or any cash for that matter) made me impervious to the assault one of my friends succumbed and gave him a dollar. (On reflection I should have bought him some some food since after all we were in a cafe [I was still shocked by the initial confrontation and I was preoccupied with something else which I will proceed to shortly.]) After he had completed his objective we all expected him to move on to the next solicitee in his never ending search. However, he simply stood there and began more semi-intelligible communication. He was expressing, in not so many words, that he was tired which could be duduced from his lolling eyes. At one point he almost went into a swoon in which I was afraid that he would fall right on top of me (I even raised my hand in anticipation). Eventually he seemed to figure that it was time to go and almost walked right out an emergency door. My generous companion helped him to avoid this mishap and he turned right around and proceeded towards the correct door. When all was said and done I turned to my friends and asked, “Did you see his shirt?” They, however, had not so I informed them of its slogan: “United College fund- A mind is a terrible thing to waste”. All I could add to that was “isn’t it ironic…don’t ya’ think?”


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