Scholastic roundup

As this school year draws to a close I’d like to reflect on the attitude at most of our modern day “institutions of education”:

If truth is, in the highest sense, knowledge of the beginning and end of things, of the dimension of the absolute; and if nihilism is the doctrine that there is no such truth; then it is clear that those who take scientific knowledge for the only truth, and deny what lies above it, are nihilists in the exact sense of that term. Worship of the fact is by no means the love of truth; it is, as we have already suggested, its parody. It is the presumption of the fragment to replace the whole; it is the proud attempt to build a Tower of Babel, a collection of facts, to reach to the heights of truth and wisdom from below.

    Fr. Seraphim (Rose)

On a similar note:

Previously young people had been expected to learn. Because they didn’t want to appear to be ignoramuses, they worked hard willy-nilly. But now all they have to say is: Everything in the world’s nonsense! And that’s that. Young people are delighted. The fact is that previously they were simply dunces and now they’ve suddenly become nihilists.

    Pavel Petrovich in Fathers and Sons

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