I love you, you love me, we’re an ecumenical family…..

It may sound strange, but it is a fact that ecumenism today is threatening the “ecumenical nature” of our Church, as it falls more and more to compromising and syncretistic tactics which contradict the basic principles of our Orthodox faith. We must not forget that correct faith is the first and foremost prerequisite for the salvation of mankind, according to the divinely-inspired Patristic declaration: “Whoever wishes to be saved is first of all obliged to keep the catholic faith; if he does not keep this faith safe and unblemished, without hesitation, he will be eternally lost” (The Symbol of Faith of St. Athanasius the Great of Alesandria).

    Holy Monastery of the Paraclete

2 thoughts on “I love you, you love me, we’re an ecumenical family…..

  1. Just a thought… (one I didn’t think would be likely to be understood on some OTHER blog)…

    but… with so much talk from a certain Catholic person about the centrality of contraceptives as a theological issue (while the procession of the Holy Spirit is a side note, of course), is this in any way indicative of the presence of a developing “Social Gospel” coming out of Rome?

    Thoughts, comments?

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