Incredible Quiz: Round 2

Translatumus: Cognosco tres homines, unum qui per crucem salvat, alterum qui per crucem salvatur, et alterum qui per crucem damnaur.

If I were a betting man I would go down to OTB and bet who gets this translation…. so he better not dissapoint me.


4 thoughts on “Incredible Quiz: Round 2

  1. “I know three men, one who through the cross saves, another who through the cross is saved, another who through the cross is damned.”

    The last word should be “damnatur”, no?

    What’s the prizize? New theologies?

  2. You are indeed correct…knew I could count on a Papist to come through for me. Don’t misread me, I didn’t say Pabstist but Papist….

    Yes, that was a damndable misspelling, I apologize.

    The prize is yet to be determined….maybe I’ll send you to Rome for a picture with your king…..

  3. No, one can be both a Pabstist and a Papist; in fact being a Pabstist of some sort may be a prerequisite for the other…

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