Math is your friend

“Proof” positive
Logic’s loaded gun

Christian Faith is mighty not only when it agrees with sensory reasoning and sensory logic but when, and especially when, it contradicts sensory reasoning and sensory logic.

St. Nikolaj (Velimirovic)

A “new god” is clearly required by modern man, a god more closely fashioned after the pattern of such central modern concerns as science and business; it has, in fact, been an important intention of modern thought to provide such a god…the new god is not a Being but an idea, not revealed to faith and humility but constructed by the proud mind that still feels the need for ‘explanation’ when it has lost its desire for salvation…Whether ‘deist,’ ‘idealist,’ ‘pantheist,’ or ‘immanentist,’ all the modern gods are the same mental construct, fabricated by souls dead from the loss of faith in the true God.

Fr. Seraphim (Rose)

…when God does anything, reasonings are of no use; for how did He make us out of those things that were not?

St. John Chrysostom


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