So I normally wouldn’t post a picture like this as it has no comedic value but the situation which ensued after it was taken will hopefully tickle your fancy… Well, as I was taking this picture (of the gateway into the subway tracks for those who can’t tell) I noticed a kid come out of a house to the left of the picture and go back inside…so I take my picture and am biking away when I hear “Hey!”, “Hey!” so I looked around and there’s a guy that had come out of the house with his entourage of kids and said, “What are you doing!!?” I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “What are you doing video taping the dog!!?” So I started to say that I wasn’t photographing his dog when I realized how vacuous this exchange was so I simply turned around and rode off… As I’m ‘making my escape’ he was saying, “Why are you running away!?” …


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