Our Lady of Sitka

Some choice phrases from the Akathist to Our Lady of Sitka:

For those unfortunates:

Rejoice, rebuker of those fallen into heresy.
Rejoice, reprover of dishonesty.
Rejoice, destroyer of the serpent.
Rejoice, corrector of those who have gone astray.
Rejoice, confounder of those who fail to honor you.
Rejoice, defender before whom devils quake and tremble.

For those truth-seekers:

Rejoice, calm haven of those seeking salvation.
Rejoice, protectress of those who run to you.
Rejoice, for from the time of the Crucifixion you have adopted us all as your children.
Rejoice, refuge of the faithful.
Rejoice, chosen Maiden, Mother and Virgin.
Rejoice, boast of women.

You have shown yourself above every angelic rank, O Virgin, for you have conceived in the flesh Him Who cannot be circumscribed. And you have carried in your arms Him Who holds the whole world in the palm of His hand. Therefore, as you are greater in honor than the cherubim and more glorious beyond compare than the seraphim we glorify you and sing to God on your account: Alleluia.
O Mother of God, we see most eloquent orators silenced before you, for every tongue is at a loss to praise you worthily. Our minds have not the strength to extol you. Therefore, O you who are gracious, accept from us the salutation of the Archangel as we cry to you

…Rejoice, zealous defender of the Orthodox faithful in America.


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