And how’s your Buddha today?

Alan Gishlick, with silver-painted toenails sticking out of his Tevas and a shoulder tattoo of a Buddhist word puzzle meaning “Knowledge makes me content,” said he was a “devout Christian.”

This vs. That

We must be cautious, then, in examining the claims of those who would restore a ‘spiritual’ meaning to life, and especially of those who fancy themselves allies or adherents of ‘Christianity.’
Fr. Seraphim Rose

…most of what passes for “spirituality” today is in fact a “new spirituality,” a cancer born of Nihilism that attaches itself to healthy organism to destroy them from within.
Fr. Seraphim Rose

…men are denying with all their might and main the divine creation, the world of God and it’s meaning. These are the only things which modern civilization finds utter nonsense.


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