Crazy (read: heretical) idea alert

Entertaining angels unaware, this was the exciting premise of the popular television program “Touched by an Angel.” Are we being watched? We’ve all heard, at one time or another, the idea that everyone has a guardian angel. Fallen angles have an impact on our lives, and so do God’s holy angels. Perhaps we play a significant role as well! In The Angels are Watching, a new book from Xulon Press, readers will learn that everything they do and say is on display. Angels are watching as our lives unfold. Every moment of life has significance because it is an object lesson to the angels.

“An object lesson to the angels”? …must have been in one of those gnostic gospels that’s been repressed…

On to what St. John Damascene says about the angels,

…what in the case of man is death is a fall in the case of angels. For after the fall there is no possibility of repentance for them, just as after death there is for men no repentance.

…when they had made free choice of virtue became through grace immoveably rooted in goodness.

“Perhaps we play a significant role as well!” From a supposedly christian point of view isn’t this idea kind of obvious? Man, created in the image and likeness of God, for which the world was created play a significant role?


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