The never ending story…

…when the Bible is your only standard.
The Seventh Day? – well, it depends on who’s counting

A. Jan Marcussen, a Seventh-day Adventist pastor in Illinois, is starting with $50,000 of his own money if someone can produce ‘a verse from the Holy Bible showing that God commands us to keep holy the first day of the week’ – Sunday – ‘instead of the seventh day’ – Saturday – ‘as is commanded in the Bible.’

‘Millions of people believe and have confidence in their clergy that what they’re being taught is true,’ says Marcussen. ‘They’ll find out that the clergy is not teaching from the Bible.’

Well, I will agree with you there, but only to a point.

‘Sunday worship is the mark of the Papacy’s authority,’ Marcussen writes in his book. ‘Sunday worship is the ‘mark of the beast!” Yet he insists he is not attacking anyone’s faith, but rather trying to lead people to the Bible, Jesus, and eventually heaven.

Yes, that’s the key-Bible+Jesus=Heaven. Don’t you go worrying about that doctrine and dogma thing-that’s an invention of the evil Papacy!

‘It’s the greatest hoax of all time, foisted upon the world for hundreds and hundreds of years,’ he says. His zeal on the matter reflects his belief that citizens of the United States and other countries will be forced to choose sides on the issue in the so-called ‘end time’ mentioned in Scripture.


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