…getting bible prophecy in the hands of top actors and filmmakers… With the conflict in Iraq making daily news, and a guaranteed market in the faith-based organizations, this high-action, highly relevant film addresses our modern conflicts with a positive message: Hope. …the formula for Armageddon that is pure Hollywood on film, but accurately centered in scriptural references. … Mr. Gossett, Jr. had this to say regarding the underlying issue of war and peace as humans: “You can’t end the war in the world until you end the personal war within yourself.” In World At War, Mr. Gosset Jr., playing the President of the United States of America aptly addresses both issues using actual references and biblical prophecies in the context of leadership.

Does that last line sound in any way familiar to anyone else?

Cloud Ten CEO Peter Lalonde sees a new paradigm. “I’m not sure how to even categorize this movie,” he said. “It is not a theatrical release, but rather some kind of hybrid. Our goal is to provide Churches, and other Christian venues, with a well-supported, turn-key event that allows them to both reach out to their community and raise funds for their local ministries instead of pouring it into theatres’ coffers. It’s a means to an end.”

Spreading heresy as a “means to an end”? …but wait, the end is also heresy…


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