Cupoling over Hagia Sophia?

St. Sava’s
Interior decoration and painting of the church of St.Sava of Serbia will be completed next September. The church is considered the largest Orthodox church in the world. Christ the Saviour Cathedral square in Moscow is 60×60 metres, while the church in Belgrade designed in Serbian-Byzantine style is 91×81. The fresco of Christ in the cupola of St.Sava’s church will be the largest in the Christian world. The capacity of the cathedral will accommodate some ten thousand worshippers at a time.

The central cupola of St.Sava’s church weights 4 thousand tons. 12-meter gilded cross crowns it. There are 17 crosses of lesser size to top other cupolas. Two belfries on the west side of the church house 49 bells of different power of sound and size. Their weight differs from 12 kilo to 5 tons.

The construction of the church began in 1936. At first the war interfered, and then political disorders. Builders resumed their work in April 2000. St.Sava’s church was officially handed over to the Serbian Orthodox Church in 2003.


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