Attack of the single quote sign…

College accused of ‘attack’ on religious freedom
EAU CLAIRE, Wis. — The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire is reviewing a directive that banned resident assistants from holding Bible studies in their dorms. Last July, the university’s Associate Director for Housing and Residence Life sent a letter saying that if resident assistants lead Bible studies, students might not find them ”approachable” or might fear they’d be ”judged or pushed in a direction that does not work for them.” The letter added that resident assistants who persist in holding Bible studies would face ”disciplinary action.” The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has protested, calling the directive Wednesday a ”shameful attack on freedom of religion.” /AP/

What means these single quote signs i.e. “‘attack'”?


4 thoughts on “Attack of the single quote sign…

  1. Just because I don’t open up my mind to the ‘spirits of the air’ as you do doesn’t mean I’m necessarily “close-minded”.

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