The battle against "Death"

How irrational then to wish to return to our former youth, and gladly to give everything for the sake of this, that we might become younger, and yet when it is ours to receive a youth that knows no old age, a youth too, which, joined with great riches, hath far more of spirit, to be unwilling to give up a little trifle, but to hold fast things that contribute not a whit to the present life. They can never rescue you from death, they have no power to drive away disease, to stay old age, or any one of those events, which happen by necessity and according to the law of nature. And do you still hold to them? Tell me, what do you gain? Drunkenness, gluttony, pleasures contrary to nature and various in kind, which are far worse torturers than the hardest masters.
St. John Chrysostom

Defeat Death!

People have been resurrecting since before the days of Lazarus when Jesus raised him from the dead. These Immortals move among us, some have estates, businesses and bank accounts. They also have their own retreats hidden away from humanity. Immortals have perfect bodies, which can disappear and reappear and teleport anywhere on the planet. They can communicate telepathically with others, walk on water and through fire, nothing is impossible for them.

Immortals can speak any language and can look old or young depending upon their purpose. They have been written and talked about throughout history. Jesus took this resurrection event one step further and completely transcended life on earth when he made his ascension. He demonstrated what was possible for every Human Being.

This school will teach you what you need to be a master of your world, to control your reality, to visit the heavenly worlds, to do miracles, to have oneness with God and to defeat death through a resurrection event.

Those that were raised from the dead by using the Sacred Fire ( the fire that was given to the Disciples at Penetcost) were raised with IMMORTAL bodies that would never die again. These resurrected Immortals were able to do the same things as Jesus did…walk on water, heal, disappear, teleport their bodies and many other things.

I don’t recall in the Bible anywhere saying that Jesus ‘teleported’…I’m not denying, of course, that Jesus could teleport but to proport that Jesus teleported is a whole different proposition…

…there are now thousands of Resurrected Immortals. …Every Immortal followed the same steps and laws that are in this book to achieve their immortality…Learn why the New Age Liberal Left are losing the hearts and minds of America. Read about the huge misunderstandings and incorrect beliefs Christians have had for 2,000 years.

If the disciples raised people with “immortal” bodies how is it possible to learn (through her book, nonetheless) how to be “immortal”? It seems like someone would actually have to die to be raised “immortal”. …and of course another ‘enlightened’ one to correct the beliefs of the Church-the Body of Christ.


2 thoughts on “The battle against "Death"

  1. Hmmmm…sounds vaguely familiar. I think I once read something about someone saying that his goal was to “defeat death.” And that he had gone further than anyone else in trying to achieve it. I think he even changed his muggle name of Tom something or other to reflect this desire.

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