Astron Solutions – your Big Brother of tolerance

In today’s multicultural workplace environment, holiday sensitivity no longer means simply putting a menorah next to the Christmas tree…there are ways to celebrate the season in the workplace with sensitivity, understanding and respect. ‘Employers should strive to ensure that all of their employees’ unique cultural beliefs are equally represented and celebrated during the holiday season’

When I own my huge multi-national corporation I will flat out refuse to honor the traditions (if you call 39 measly years tradition) of Kwanzaa…in the immortal words of Garfield, the cat, that is, Kwanzaa “should be drug out in the street and shot”…

Be sensitive to any fasting, dietary restrictions or scheduling conflicts due to religious observance, prior to planning. Don’t forget to offer vegetarian alternatives.

Last year when I worked at the university library (at a university dedicated to “tolerance” and “safe zones”) I recall a party involving food which happened to be on a Wednesday; there were no vegan dishes served for the Orthodox present…I thought it was quite intolerant…

When handled with sensitivity and respect, workplace festivities can result in an uplifting combination of unity, cultural understanding, and joy for your team, which is truly a celebration of the spirit of the season.

This seems like one of those “spirit of the times” that I’d rather have nothing to do with…


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