I think I’ll make a Nazi book burning reference…

‘Narnia’ Contest Causing a Stir in Florida
Here’s the preface: Let’s Read, Florida is encouraging students to read The Chronicles… in conjunction with the movie… Those dang nihilist liberals want to replace it with an ‘alternative non-religious book’…Lawyer for Alliance Defence Fund Gary McCaleb says,

‘All these other non-Christian religious books are being suggested reading for these kids, and yet when (Americans Unite)[nihilist liberal group] comes out, what do they hit? The one book that isn’t even expressly religious — it’s strictly allegorical. What’s up with that?’ the attorney asks. ‘It’s an anti-Christian agenda, and I think AU just really showed what kind of group they really are.’ …Such groups, according to the attorney, often ‘rail against censorship but seldom miss an opportunity to squelch speech they dislike.’ He adds: ‘In their America, it is always winter and never Christmas.’ [extremely apropos Narnia reference] ‘When I see the far-left coming out of the bunch of book-banners, as they are in this case, I just shake my head,’ McCaleb says. ‘The amazing thing to me is they focus on Narnia — and really the only way you can understand Narnia to be a ‘Christian book’ [series] is to know a lot about Christianity to begin with to see that there are some analogies there.’


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