NCC at it again…

Following the withdrawal (of the Antiochian Archdiocese), NCC’s top members requested a visit with the Antiochian leadership, but the Orthodox church refused.
According to Kishkovsky (former NCC president Rev. Leonid Kishkovsky of the OCA), the Antiochian withdrawal was “particularly alarming to Orthodox” members of the Council because of fears their move “could have been dramatic in the lives of other Orthodox communions.”

I know for my self I wasn’t “alarmed” about their withdrawal…maybe “alarmed” with excitement…but then again I’m not on the front line of the ecumenical movement so my (and might I add a lot of other people’s) opinion doesn’t count for much…

There was “profound anxiety” about the future of their own ecumenical involvements, Kishkovsky said.
However, Edgar (NCC General Secretary) visited leaders of the other Orthodox churches and had largely relieved such anxieties. Through the meetings, the NCC found that it must “become better acquainted and more deeply informed about the lives and processes” of sister communions.

“sister communions”…honey, there’s no sisterhood here…you best step off…


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