incendiary meets Bobby Joe and Big Dawg

Thanks to Clifton and The Dialectizer I have translated a few incendiary remarks into Redneck and Jive:

Redneck: Whut in tarnation is this hyar Orthodoxy? — Orthodoxy is made up an’ composed of dispasshunate faif an’ pious dockrine. — Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos

Redneck: Distinckshuns — Th’ distinckshun between right an’ wrong is not affecked by th’ fack thet some varmints commit sueycide on account o’ of it. — Harry Jaffa

Jive: Distincshuns — De distincshun between right and wrong be not affected by de fact dat some sucka’s commit suicide cuz’ of it. Man! — Harry Jaffa


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