Update: Celebrities Unite!

Find a cure so we can get back to our sodomy!

Celebrities, who often are “fickle” in backing charities, for more than two decades have supported AIDS causes, citing the disease’s toll on art and fashion as well as its effect on their fans, the New York Times reports.

Thanks to Gabe I found an apropos quote to accompany this story. (This accompaniment is not confectionary, however).

There was a time in the 1960s when antibiotics appeared to have conquered syphilis. Together with the birth control pill, this seems to have promoted an increase in heterosexual promiscuity. It was only a short time, however, before a new venereal disease, herpes, made its appearance, a virus immune to antibiotics. It would certainly seem that nature has an interest in the morality that is conducive to the family, and punishes behavior inimical to it. I would suggest therefore that the quest for a cure for AIDS, unaccompanied by any attempt to modify the behavior out of which AIDS was generated, is ultimately futile.
It is my impression, observing the propaganda of the homosexuals—and their gullible coadjutors—that their main reason for wanting a cure for AIDS, is to emancipate them for the unrestrained pursuit of sodomy and for the undiminished pleasures of what would now be called “unsafe sex.” I would venture to suggest, however, that if a cure for AIDS was discovered tomorrow, it would not be very long before a new venereal disease would make its appearance, just as herpes did in the ‘60s and AIDS in the ‘80s. What is needed above all is not a medical miracle cure but a moral and behavioral change.
Harry Jaffa


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