Apropos to the day

Since it is the feast of St. Nicholas it is apropos that we do some Arius punching.

Accomplishing the ascesis of faith, the Orthodox sought what is needful, higher, whereas the arians, inwardly protecting themselves, asked in a calculating way: “Will the Truth not demand a sacrifice from us”? And, seeing the Garden of Gethsemane, the Arians retreated. Both made a free choice. But the Arians used their freedom to enslave themselves, while the Orthodox used it to free themselves from the bondage of fleshly limitation.
Fr. Pavel Florensky

Grafting impiously flux and change and separation onto the divine begetting, the wicked and demented Arius is cut off by the separating sword of the Fathers.
From Matins for the Fathers of Nicaea

Arius fell into the precipice of sin, having shut his eyes so as not to see the light, and he was ripped asunder by a divine hook so that with his entrails he forcibly emptied out all his essence and his soul, and was named another Judas, both for his ideas and the manner of his death. But the Council in Nicea loudly proclaimed you, Lord, to be Son of God, equal in rank with the Father and the Spirit.
From the Sunday of the Fathers of Nicaea

Let us worship with right belief the will that is without beginning, the authority and sovereign power of the Trinity, ever rejecting Arius.
From the Canon for the Synodikon of Orthodoxy

IF anyone does not anathematize Arius, Eunomius, Macedonius, Apollinaris, Nestorius, Eutyches and Origen, as well as their impious writings, as also all other heretics already condemned and anathematized by the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, and by the aforesaid four Holy Synods and [if anyone does not equally anathematize] all those who have held and hold or who in their impiety persist in holding to the end the same opinion as those heretics just mentioned: let him be anathema.
5th Ecumenical Council
[Sorry, Gabe, Origen is in there…but he does still have valuable writings.]


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