A spirit yes…but who’s spirit?

Add a unique new Spirit to your pre-New Years Eve celebrations by attending or creating a World Spirituality Day event. …Think of World Spirituality Day as The Earth Day for the Spirit. …World Spirituality Day also promises to expand into a boundless kaleidoscope of worldwide gatherings and events…The simple purpose of World Spirituality Day is to supercharge your New Year’s transition, celebrations and resolutions with the deepest power of your own spirituality.

They at first appear to be encouraging “spirituality” of any sort (“boundless kaleidoscope”) in a ‘spirit’ of tolerance…but then their real ‘spirit’ (read: new age “spirituality”) comes out:

Suggestions for “spirituality celebration”:

• Any location or time during World Spirituality Day will work but if possible, it is better to pick a location and time of the day that is highly meaningful to you and/or your group.
• Before you start, spend a few moments getting into a relaxed, meditative or worshipful state.
• Remember in as much sensory detail as possible your single most profound and transformational personal spiritual experience. If you like, and you have more than one, go to your next most profound and transformational spiritual experience and so on until you naturally want to take a break. Many people soon begin to feel an amazing sense of overflowing wellbeing, strength and peace that for some, longs to be shared.
• Dance and sing following the reflections and resolution making if that feels authentic and right for you.

I’m wondering what the object of this “worshipful state” is…oneself?…other people?…or the “spirit of the air”? (if you get my drift…pun definitely intended)
“Sensory detail” of “spiritual experience”? …’spirituality’ i.e., things relating to the ‘spirit’ i.e., non-sensory…
I think shooting the creator of these ideas might be ‘right for me’…so what do you think about that??


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