And the story rages on…

Southland Christian Church senior minister Jon Weece yesterday lashed out at the media, the devil and “a handful of misguided and jealous Christians” for second-guessing his congregation’s decision to close its doors on Christmas Sunday.

Yesterday, standing on a stage decorated with 15 artificial Christmas trees, Weece downplayed the significance of the day many Christians consider holy. …”Christmas began as a pagan holiday to the Roman gods, and if we were to really celebrate the historical birth of Jesus, it would either be in early January or mid-April,” Weece said. “I’m only pointing out the historical technicalities not out of intellectual arrogance, but again because of the illogical, ill-informed and even hypocritical arguments that were aimed at me this past week.”

He went on to say, “Just like these artificial trees behind me Christmas is a fake holiday forced upon us by the Pope and his minions.”

Referring to Christianity’s Jewish roots, he said that Sunday begins at sundown on Saturday according to biblical tradition.

And with that he lays down the Jewish tradition card…we like to pick and choose Jewish traditions that fit our needs…

Weece noted that Jesus was also criticized for breaking tradition. “There were some whose zeal even in the days of Jesus was misguided,” he said. “They emphasized religion over relationship.”

…and your relationship with your family (“I’ve watched too many ministers in my life sacrifice their families on the altar of ministry, and ego and pride …”) is MUCH more important than your relationship with Jesus…forget about that little verse Luke 14:26…ah, yes…Jesus criticized for breaking tradition…the “What Jesus Did” card…He’s playing his hand well!


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