Rogue married Frankish priests…and the cure for the die hard ethnic "Catholic"

…these “priests without borders” provide a controversial remedy for the growing deficit of clerics in Catholic pulpits nationwide, albeit one decidedly not endorsed by the Catholic Church itself. …more than 50,000 people have been served by the priests…”fallen” Catholics who haven’t attended church for years, but want a Catholic baptism for their child or a Catholic wedding. Still others are divorced but want to wed again, even though their first marriage has not been annulled, as the church requires. Some want a religious service even though they are marrying non-Catholics, while others want to wed in locations not sanctioned for the ceremony, such as the beach or at home. And others have simply lost faith in the establishment church, judging it too hide-bound and conservative.

I just can’t understand what the point of a “Catholic” service is if it’s not performed by the “church” or in the “church”. I guess it fits some people’s “traditional” needs and that “symbolism means alot”…


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