Love part VIII

Follows Love part VII

Rising above the bounds of its nature, I goes out of temporal-spatial limitedness and enters into Eternity. There the whole process of the interrelations of the lovers is a single act, in which an infinite series of individual moments of love is synthesized. This single, eternal, and infinite act is the consubstantiality of the lovers in God, where I is one and the same as the other I, but also different. Every I is not-I, i.e., Thou, by virtue of the renunciation of oneself for the sake of another. And it is I by virtue of the renunciation of the other I for the sake of the first. Instead of individual, separate, self-assertive I’s, we get a dyad, a di-unitary being that has the principle of its unity in God: “finis amoris, ut duo unum fiant” (“the limit of love: two are one”). Furthermore, every I sees in the Divine image of another I its own Divine image as in a mirror.
Fr. Pavel Florensky


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