A reminder to the “educators”

1. Man is a being who can be perfected and completed in the most ideal and real way by the God-man and in the God-man.

2. The perfection of man by the God-man takes place with the help of the evangelical witnesses.

3. The illuminated and educated man sees in every man his immortal and eternal brother.

4. Every human work and action—philosophy, science, geography, art, education, culture, manual labor, etc.—receives its eternal value when it is sanctified and receives meaning from the God-man.

5. True enlightenment and education is accomplished through a holy life according to the gospel of Christ.

6. The saints are the most perfect illuminators and educators; the more holy a man is the better an educator and illuminator he becomes.

7. School is the second half of the heart of the God-man; the first is the Church.

8. At the center of all centers and of all ideas and labors stands the God-man Christ and His theanthropic society, the Church.
St. Justin (Popovic)


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