On the "social" Fathers

We should not forget that the word of the Prophet, of the Apostle and of the Saint is said according to the maturity and the spirituality of the people they address. If the word is imperfect, this is not because of the difference in the spirit of the Holy Father but is due to the inability of the people to grasp something loftier. It is not that the Father does not know, but that the flock is unable to grasp it. Not to mention that in many patristic works which have a social content, the hesychastic spirit is also clearly present.
Let me take the case of St. Chrysostom, as you mentioned before, to be more specific. St. Chrysostom is considered a social Father and appropriate to be read by people in the world. Many refer to his teaching about various social and moral questions, yet they forget that the same Father lived in a hesychastic and ascetic way, with watchfulness, with tears and mourning, with unceasing prayer, with the remembrance of death.
Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos


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