Stating the obvious

So when I was in high school my friends and I had a silly game that if someone stated the obvious you could punch them…this guy would be punched real hard:

Since for Xomjakov [sic] true philosophy could exist only in the realm of faith, in considering Xomjakov [sic] the philosopher one must consider Xomjakov [sic] the theologian. In his writings the line between philosophy, religion, and Orthodoxy often becomes dim, and the demarcation more convenient than precise. Conversely, his concept of sobornost’ although Christian, religious in character, has also ethical, ontological and epistemological significance.
Peter Christoff

It amazes me that a person could write a whole book on Khomiakov and yet state something like that. But on the other hand it makes perfect sense as he is approaching Khomiakov’s thought, and Orthodoxy by association, in an academic and rationalistic way.


2 thoughts on “Stating the obvious

  1. #$!$#! he says that as if being a religious concept precludes it from having “ethical, ontological and epistemological significance”. does this man know anything about theology?

    that is IT. i’m becoming an academic, it’s clearly friggin’ easy.

  2. What’s worse is that he obviously has (or more correctly did have) Slavic blood in him.

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