The expression of the Church

Certainly, Christianity has a logical expression contained in the Creed; but this is not separate from other manifestations. It also has a logical teaching, which we call theology. But this is only a branch of general teaching. To isolate it is a great error; to give it exclusive preference is madness; to see in it a heavenly gift tied to certain functions is a heresy. That would be to establish a sacrament of rationalism.
The Church does not recognize a teaching Church other than herself in her totality.
Alexey Khomiakov


2 thoughts on “The expression of the Church

  1. I remain undecided on the question of Khomiakov’s influence on Orthodoxy, whether it is ultimately a good or bad thing. Nonetheless quotes like these remind me of the fact that he is a great read.
    You clearly are drawn to the man. Have you any conclusions regarding his work and influence?

  2. I’ve been thinking about your question all this week now that I’m through reading most of his translated works. I plan on making my thoughts (meager as they are) known tomorrow when I have more time to write.

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