Confusion leading nowhere

Applicable to Christianity, I believe:

I am a student of Chinese philosophy, and it is my belief that I must rely upon the Chinese traditional viewpoint, rather than follow the newly invented and untraditional arguments of modern scholars. To do the latter would result in depriving Chinese philosophy of all criteria of meaning and value; it would end in a state of confusion leading nowhere.
Gi-ming Shein (Professor of Fr. Seraphim Rose)


2 thoughts on “Confusion leading nowhere

  1. I’m reading “Christ the Eternal Tao” right now and LOVING it! Not sure why I’m telling you that… I guess, for obvious reasons (obvious, that is, if you’ve read the book) your quote reminds me of the book.

    Have you read it?

  2. I have read most of the book. I should pick it up again (not owning it prevents that at present). I remember the introduction being very informative and as always with Fr. Damascene well written.

    Fr. Seraphim’s bio summarizes a lot of the stuff in there, except the specifics of Orthodoxy in China.

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