The Russians are coming

So this is probably my most personal revelation on this here blog, of course I’ll include an apropos quote, however. I received today the wonderful news of my placement into the desired level at my summer Russian program which is third year Russian.

Carolus V, Emperor of Rome, was wont to say that the Hispanic tongue was seemly for converse with God, the French with friends, the German with enemies, the Italian with the feminine sex. Had he been versed in the Russian tongue, however, he would of a certainty have added to this that it is appropriate in converse with all of the above, inasmuch as he would have found in it the magnificence of the Hispanic tongue, the sprightliness of the French, the sturdiness of the German, the tendresse of the Italian and, over and above all that, the richness and the conciseness of powerful imagery, of the Greek and Latin tongues.
Mikhail Vassilievich Lomonosov


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