Instruments of power

…sophisticated language, disconnected from the roots of truth, in fact pursues some ulterior motives, that is invariably turns into an instrument of power…
Josef Pieper


2 thoughts on “Instruments of power

  1. Abuse of Language — Abuse of Power is one of my favorite little books. Pieper’s definition of flattery is hauntingly true. I used this book in a paper I wrote on the use of flattery in modernity some years ago. I need to go back and reread it. I think that Pieper is one of the very few Thomists that Orthodox can really engage.

  2. One of my favorite little books too, even down to the layout-it is such a good concise statement about the modern outlook. I haven’t read anything else of his. None of his other titles much interest me. I happened to buy this one in NY and am very glad I came across it.

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