Church consciousness

If we see a decline of piety, a failure to understand the Divine services, the reason for this lies outside the Church: it is in the decline of faith in the masses, in the decline of morality, in the loss of church consciousness.
Fr. Michael Pomazansky


9 thoughts on “Church consciousness

  1. the phrase “loss of church consciousness” reminds me of fr alexander schmemann’s diary entries.

  2. Interesting that you think of Fr. Alexander as this quote is from a highly critical review of his book on liturgical theology…

    Well, per your advice I thought I would check out the Nabokov translation. And I figure a Russian would probably know better the feel of the original.

  3. really? that’s a rather funny coincidence. i love fr. schmemann.

    and i’m so glad you’re checking out the nabokov version-only be careful to get the two volume one or at least a gigantic one volume one because i made the initial mistake of just getting the translation which is technically volume one and i was missing out on all the good commentary that’s in volume two (volume 2 is usually the bigger volume). you’ll want to read the commentary, trust me. i mean, even if it’s just for the one rant on how american students don’t know anything about trees. that rant alone is probably worth the entire thing. nabokov is hilarious.

  4. Yes, I have volume 2 – I found that it’s actually a 4 volume set – with volume 4 being a photocopy of an early edition of the text.

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