…means the word of God. Theology is therefore all or nothing. The whole of nature and of super-nature and subternature is all theology…If the whole of nature is not theology, then theology is nothing or nature is nothing. If the whole of nature does not speak about God, who will believe Isaiah or St. Paul…If the whole of the world around is a wilderness, what can the voice of one prophet crying about God in that wilderness accomplish? If the whole universe does not speak of God, who can without contempt hear the words of one man? …The publicans and pharisees sought a sign and it was not given them. But our generation seeks…a miracle to believe. ‘Show us God,’ say many of our contemporaries, ‘and we will believe.’ But how? Do not these people who despise miracles and do not believe in them demand a greater miracle? …We must say to them: Show us what is not God!
St. Nikolai (Velimirovic)


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