The way of progress

Oh, hateful equality! Oh, base uniformity! Oh, thrice accursed progress!
Oh, the massive, blood-soaked, but picturesque mountain of universal history! Since the end of the last century you have been laboring in torments of new births. And out of your suffering depths merely a mouse crawls out! A self-satisfied caricature of the people of former days is born, the average rational European, in his comic clothes that even the ideal mirror of art cannot reflect, with a small and self-deluded mind, with his creepy, practical good will!
No! Never yet in the history of our times has anybody seen such a monstrous combination of mental pride before God and ethical submission before the ideal of a homogeneous, gray, laboring, and godlessly passionless all-mankind!
Is it possible to love such a mankind?
Should one not, with all the strength of even a Christian soul, hate—not the people who are stupid and have lost their way—but a future of theirs such as this?
Yes, one should! One should! Thrice, one should! For it hath been said, ‘Love thy neighbor, and hate his sins!’
Konstantin Leontiev


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