Human glory

My friends, why do you partake of human glory to the point of intoxication, a glory that begins with a song and ends with lying in the mire?
The unanimous glory that comes from men is the most inglorious, because it is indifferent.
If your glory is a reward from the people, then you are a day laborer who has been paid off, and tomorrow the people can throw you off their fields.
Truly, no new day recognizes your contract with a day gone by. Every day opens a new field and makes a new agreement.
If your glory is the work of your mighty arms, your days will be anger and your nights will be fear.
If your glory is the work of your wisdom, wisdom will be a castration of your glory and you will be unable to move.
If you call your glory your own, Heaven will punish you for lying and stealing.
Stroll with your glory through a cemetery and see whether the dead will glorify you..
In truth, you are already strolling through a cemetery, and you are receiving flory from mobile tombs. Who will glorify you, after the mobile tombs become immobile?
St. Nikolaj (Velimirovic)


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