No light comes from the West

The Eastern light has come to the West — to the uttermost Western end. And blessed be they who, with a clear vision, perceive this light just as it shines in the East. This light, although it came from the East, did not change, but while it shines in the West, it continues to be the light of the East; it is the Eternal Light. Christ, Who is the East Himself, laid down Himself as the chief cornerstone of His Church, which He established in the East, and they in the West who receive this Light of the East, must so shine as the Light of the East would have them be enlightened; but not allow themselves to be dazzled with the glare of a false fire; I say fire, but not light, as no light comes from the West! Praise and glorify the Good God! See, He comes to the West from the East, that all may see by that One Light, and be saved in the bond of union, which is love!
Archimandrite Sebastian (Dabovic)

I’ve always been perplexed when people dislike using the term “Eastern” to refer to our Church. Seems to me like it is a new heresy of our times. I think I will call it “ненавистники восточного Христоса” – Haters of the Eastern Christ.


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