A Retrospect

So I graduated in absentia on Sunday (I figured, correctly, that partaking in the Eucharist is a little more important than the parody of bestowing a recognition of “education” on someone). Thus ends my college career (I think seven years is length enough to consider it a career). Follow are observations of this journey…

The average college student is a doofus. Having come to this conclusion after returning to college after short hiatuses in the “real world” it was further enforced by my working in the school library. Countless times students come asking to borrow a writing utensil; one should have a writing utensil at all times (especially on a college campus) the lack of a writing utensil equates with illiteracy. Countless times I observed the return of DVD’s or VHS’ in a slot clearly labeled as prohibited for the return of such items. This is hardly a convenience issue as the desk, where such items should be returned, is about 3 feet away. The average college student has no common sense nor are they so technologically aware/advanced as people seem to like to think. Untold countless times have I had to explain how to use a simple online library catalog. Many a time have I been confronted with people who must have never set foot in a library in their life and furthermore know not that such things as books are stored therein. I am growing weary in this retrospect…


One thought on “A Retrospect

  1. This post is, far and away, the most insightful, moving, and socially important that you have ever shared. Your parents must be very proud! (I laughed so hard, I almost choked on my watery Black Swan shiraz/merlot!!)

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