St. Theophan: Thoughts: May 23/ June 5

(Rom. 4:4-12; Matt. 7:15-21) “Beware of false prophets.” In the beginning of Christianity and even up to now there hasn’t been a time which hasn’t had this warning. The Lord didn’t show in what way exactly to beware of false prophets or how to determine them. They change, like fashion, and every time gives rise to their own. They always appear in sheeps’ clothing with goodwill in their step and truth in their speech. In our time their clothing is woven from progress, civilization, enlightenment, freedom in thoughts and deeds, personal freedom, the abandonment of faith and whatever is comfortable. All these are flattering deceptions. Therefore, upon meeting a show of these clothes, don’t rush to open your mouth and with your speech proclaim in them prophets. Take a look whether a wolf is hidden in this sheeps’ clothing. Know that the Lord is the one driving force to genuine truth, the one softener of hearts and dispositions, the one enlightener, the one giver of freedom filling the heart with true feelings, who doesn’t forcibly sway anyone. Because if you notice in the speech of such new prophets a hint of opposition to the teaching of the Lord, know that these are wolf-predators and turn away from them.



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