St. Theophan: Thoughts: May 31/ June 13

(Rom. 8:2-13; Matt. 10:16-22) “…he who endures to the end will be saved.” And what do we have to endure? – you will not be lacking in things to endure. The field of suffering for everyone is wide; it will be your salvation, by the work of your own hands. Endure all to the end and you will be saved. It is necessary, however, to suffer skillfully or else it is possible to suffer and not receive benefit. Firstly, guard the holy faith and the irreproachable life according to that faith and cleanse every sin with confession. Secondly, everything that comes for you to suffer receive as from the hands of God; remember that without the will of God nothing happens. Thirdly, believe that everything from the Lord is sent for the benefit of our souls, sincerely thank God for everything – for grief and for solace. Fourthly, love every sorrow for the sake of greater salvation and awaken your thirst as to a bitter but healing drink. Fifthly, always remember that when trouble comes not to throw it out like worn clothes – you need to put them on. Whether or not you endure according to Christianity everything you suffer is inevitable; it is better, therefore, to endure according to Christianity. Don’t murmer about troubles but only wear them out; with determination and a good nature, in humble submission to the Providence of God, take away the ties of troubles. Sixthly, realize your own unworthiness; if the Lord were to act in all fairness towards us wouldn’t it follow that He sent us such trouble anyway? Seventhly, more than all, pray and the merciful Lord will give you strength of spirit, according to which, when others marvel at your troubles, to endure them, to you, it will seem as nothing at all.


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