On that note

I’ll have you know that I was not one of the 121.976 people that contributed to Barack Obama’s sweeping win in Russia.

On the infamous declaration of Kosovo I might echo the words of Patriarch Alexey and say, that it “is an anti-historic event that upsets the global balance and that may lead to very tragic events in a whole series of spots on the globe where separatist sentiments are being fanned.”

Maybe an octave lower (because he has a deeper voice) I would sing along with Bishop Peter and say, “unfortunately, the West does not understand either the Russians or the Slavs. I speak openly about this despite the fact that I love the country I was born in. I do not know how to explain it, but I think that the West senses its spiritual bankruptcy in the face of Orthodox Christianity. The West fears Russian patriotism and Slavic unity.”

Next, I would almost go as far as Zhirinovsky and say that it is advantageous for the West to back the U.S. on the Kosovo issue, “because this is a defeat of the Orthodox world and the further destruction of disobedient Orthodox Serbia. …Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine will be lynched in the same manner later.”

And, further, if I were such a person, I would say “so there” and “it serves you right” about the burnt embassy in Belgrade.


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