Medical history of the week

To be added to the list of places to see before you die: Monument to be erected to an enema in southern Russia

A statue is to be unveiled to an enema at a health center in the southern Russia’s town of Zheleznovodsk, the center director said on Monday.

The 1.5 meter-high bronze monument, weighing 350 kilograms (771.6 pounds), portrays “three angel-like children carrying above their heads a big pear-like enema,” the Alexander Kharchenko said.

“This will be the first monument to an enema in the world,” he said, adding that the initiative to erect the monument was proposed by the center’s administration, where hundreds of similar procedures are carried out every day.

“It is high time a monument to an enema was erected,” he said.

The director added that most health centers around the Caucasus Mineral Waters, a renowned Russian spa resort, provide enemas as part of medical treatment for stomach problems.

In late January, an incident with an enema in another Russian military health center in Pyatigorsk, in the North Caucasus, attracted large-scale public attention.

A nurse used a rectal bulb syringe to inject peroxide into the rectums of 80 patients, including Russian officers and their families, after mistaking the substance for water. The incident led to 17 of the patients being hospitalized.

Hydrogen peroxide, which can be used to bleach hair, should not be ingested as it could damage the stomach and other organs.

An enema is primarily a medical procedure involving the injection of fluid into the rectum to clear out a patient’s bowel.

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