Yushchenko’s pupil

So in The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia it appears that we have a pretender to Yushchenko’s throne of meddler in Church affairs. Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski has sent a letter to [UN] mediator Matthew Nimetz, urging him to include the  recognition of the Macedonian Orthodox Church (MOC) by the Greek side within [the] countries’ name dispute talks.

“Following in-depth discussions and negotiations, according to the information I was provided with by the MOC, it is being concluded that the roots of this problem lay once again in the dispute imposed by Greece in relation to our constitutional name. Namely, the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) is an ally with the Greek Church (GOC), since a significant portion of SOC’s Synod has been educated and has spent most of their education in churches and monasteries across Greece. Thus, being GOC scholarship holders, they have remained  under GOC’s strong influence till today, due to which they are called the “Greek Wing” by the moderate bishops, Gruevski elaborates.”

Of course the information provided to you by the schismatic “MOC” would say the whole problem is in the name dispute, but as we all know the “MOC” was set up by the commies as a thorn in the foot of the SOC.


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