The blind soul

St. John Chrysostom says that sin leaves such a mark that not can not be cleansed by even a thousand springs but only tears of repentance. And the Lord waits for a person to hate their sin, for an aversion to sin to appear in the soul, and for a constant feeling of repentance and brokenness of heart to emerge. Our tears for sins are accounted for by our angel. It is well known that man’s tears cleanse the eyes, kill microbes, and wash away the filth. If there weren’t tears the world would be full of blind people. In the spiritual life there is the same connection: if there aren’t tears of repentance which cleanse the soul then it will go blind.
And what if we do not have tears of repentance, if our soul is cold and empty? We must fall on our knees before the Crucified Christ and ask of the Lord, the Mother of God to soften our heart, to help us pray and read the Gospel. Our hearts are rock; the Word of God is living water which drips onto this rock and gradually softens it.
Archimandrite Ambrose (Yurasov)


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