Garnering that third world support

In Peru around 11 high priests gathered from around the world burning ‘magical incense’ and waving a sacred skull around Obama’s portrait to summon up mystical strength prior to the polls set for November 4.

However, the effectiveness of the ritual may have been diluted somewhat, when it turned out that two of the priests supported Obama’s rival Republican, Senator John McCain, and had placed his photographed alongside the presidential favorite.

Priests in New Delhi in India have also danced around a fire chanting in support of Obama. While in southern India an Ayurvedic doctor has been saying prayers every day since September to ensure an Obama victory, the Hindu newspaper reported.

‘I have no special interest in Obama. But I was fascinated by his campaigning style when I was in America recently,’ said the head of the Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, Krishnakumar. ‘Finding him to be a black, dynamic, poor and above all a pro-Indian, I wanted him to win the elections.’

RIA Novosti


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