A true missionary

Fr. Cleopa was an absolute missionary while living in his cell. In a wondrous way, he showed how people could be lead to God, how they could change their lives, heal wounds and nourish their souls. He did this without wandering about through the world or knocking door to door; instead he opened the door of his cell with fatherly love and helped every sinner to open the door of his own soul to come face to face with God’s love for mankind.

Fr. Cleopa was a great missionary through the words that he preached, through the words that he wrote, but especially through the way he lived and conducted himself with everyone. Fr. Cleopa lived in the ancient tradition and the present times simultaneously, knowing how to distinguish between what is essential and what is not, between the unlimited value of every single human soul and the limits and weaknesses of man fallen in sin. He was always a missionary, specifically because he knew to hate sin and love the sinner in every situation–to awaken in every man the desire to turn his life around and to rejoice and believe in God.

Metropolitan Daniel (Ciobotea) of Moldovia and Bucovina (presently Patriarch)


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